Welcome to The Namaste Himalaya, A Multi-cuisine Resturent at Exmouth,Devon


Literally NAMASTE- means" I BOW To You " - my GREETINGS,SALUTATIONS or PROSTRATION to you.


The word HIMALAYA- means “Abode of the Snow”. The Himalayan range is home to the planets highest peaks, including the highest ever in Nepal , Mount Everest.

Namaste himalaya offers such authentic food from the Himalayan region that you may get completely lost in the fresh herbs and spices. Let the aromas of cardamom and cumin take you to the land of the tallest mountains in the world situated in nepal. Enjoy the panorama photographs of the himalaya as you savour the flavours of nepal , india, China and Thailand. Nepal is the country known as birth place of Buddha , highest peak peak in the world mt.Everest and great bravery of Gurkha soldiers. Today , the

Gurkhas remain as an important part of the British army. We are here to serve Nepalese, indian, Chinese and Thai traditional food with friendly manner of service together with great quality freshly prepared food by our experienced Nepalese chef,who had started working from nepal including india, Middle East and several years in United Kingdom.